Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Big Girl Birthdays!

Happy 2/4 th Birthday to my big girls! In June I decided to throw the girls birthday party together and they loved it! We decided on a mermaid theme party and mimi made the most adorable mermaid tail towels for all the kids. We had all sea themed food and even made sand art fish necklaces but used pixie sticks instead. The kids had a blast and we feel so blessed to have such great friends and family that were able to come celebrate with us. Here are a few pictures from the party! 

The girls suits! 

Isn't this adorable! 

Pixie art necklaces

Sushi pb&j and ham and cheese sushi

Gift buckets

Loved the lantern jellyfish

Harper and Lillian's mermaid cakes.

Food table with the H and L I made with sea shells ! 

Octopus veggie tray ! 

All the adorable mermaid tails mimi sewed and Cici monogrammed ! 

Hard to believe my precious girls are already this old! And thanks again to all the family that made this day as special as it was. 


Twinkies in a nut shell! We welcomed our double trouble back in March and completely fell in love with these boys ! 

I absolutely love watching these two interact with each other! It's hard to believe they are almost 9 months old already! Michael and krisit are such great parents ! 

 The last time I held them was when Ella was born and I cannot wait to see them for xmas! They are so handsome! So introducing the cutest nephews ever! We love you Graham and Connor !!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Long lost Warren's

It's been a while since I have posted and I really can only say I have been one busy mommy! This year flew by with so many changes to our family! The twins arrived in March and then Ella our third baby girl arrived in July and we moved, sold , and built a home! It was one wild year ! So I have decided it's time to start back blogging and try to make up some time along the way ! So to start lets go back to July And meet our newest member to the warren clan ! 

Ella Bradley Warren 
She was a little surprise to us last November and now we couldn't imagine life without her! She arrived July 31, weighing in at 6 lbs 12 ounces and has been the sweetest baby since! 

She is so beautiful like her sisters ! She has been such a blessing and I cannot wait to watch her grow up ! 

Thanksgiving 2014

Things to be Thankful for ...... How can I even list them , we are so blessed!
1. For God and his forgiveness and love.
2. For my amazing family.
3. For our health.
4. For our beautiful and perfect children.
5. For each other, it's not always easy but I'm glad you are my partner for life Brad warren.
6. For my mother who is my rock. 
7. I believe I could go on forever! 

This year we had a simple Thanksgiving. I was so blessed to be off with everyone . Lunch was fabulous as always and I gained 20 pounds I swear. Here are a few pictures of our little turkeys! Wow , our family has grown so much ! 

 Aren't they the cutest ! 


Happy thanksgiving 2014 ! Love, The warren clan 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Doc is In !

Harper loves Doc Mcstuffins and Disney Jr started advertising that the Doc mobile would be coming to Ft. Worth in September. Daddy told Harper we could go meet her when she came into town. Now I have to admit as a mother I was thinking ( OMG BRAD !! R U KIDDING !! It's far, HOT, long lines , and no naps). We all know this is how a mother thinks. And yes it was all of those things but it worked out in the end and we ended up having a great day. We got up early and headed out to Ft. Worth and then when we got there the lines were super long so we grabbed a number and went inside. Turns out if you wait for your number to pass then you can go in whenever. So instead of sitting in the heat we decided to go into the Ft. Worth museum and play. Turns out our membership to the Perot museum even got us in free. :)
So we spent some family time and had some fun in the air conditioner until our time had passed. Then I ended up taking Lillian and getting some lunch and coming back to pick up Harper and Brad after they had already finished the mobile unit. It was so hot there was no way that we needed to have Lillian out in the line as well. I only allowed Harper to do it because she went straight to the front of the line. I have to say I was really disappointed in Disney Doc Mobile for many reasons. But overall Harper had a blast and thats all the matters. All this said she never actually met DOC because the line was 45 minutes after you got into the mobile unit and people where passing out due to heat exhaustion so NO DOC for us. Here are a few pictures from our fun day. I doubt we will do it again but I am really glad that we did it that day.

Playing in the museum.

Giving her Chester a good check-up.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

12 Months Lillian

My sweet Lillian turns ONE! 

How are you already ONE! This first year has flown by! You are so beautiful and have developed such a silly adorable personality! We had a paris themed party to celebrate and had a balloon artist come make everyone fun art balloons. It was a hit! 

Cafe Lillian 

Your cake and smash cake ! 

Happy birthday my angel Lillian ! You melt our hearts! 

Her checkup for 12 months went amazing you are one healthy little peanut! 
Look at you standing so big .

Friday, September 27, 2013

Double the LOVE!!

I am super excited to announce I will be an Aunt again but not only to one baby but to TWO!! Uncle Mike and KK just found out that they are having TWINS....

I think Harper finally understands that there are two babies in KK's belly. We had to explain it a few times for it to sink in. I think she will be super excited to hold her little cousins. I am so excited to meet them already and also to finally see what my brother is like as a father. I am sure he is going to make a great father as he is a wonderful UNCLE. Congrats Michael and Krisit . We love you guys!

Here is a little sneak peek of the little peanuts.